You are a billiard player and you want to learn a new and unique revolutionary game? Do you think billiard is complicated? This game is for you!


Whether you are beginner or professional, this strategy game combines both billiard and naval  battle. Funny mix ... No! Rather a nice combination. Let us prove it to you ...


Since this is a turn-based strategy game that you can change several parameters, all levels of players can compete.


For this game you will need a real pool table. One player plays solids and the 8, the other player plays stripes and white. Each player is in charge of his army and it consists of 8 units represented by a ball: a submarine, a cruiser, three destroyers, an aircraft carrier, an aircraft and a repair ship.


Strategic unit that can be immersed and resurface at any time to take the opponent by surprise!

Most powerful unit of the game,

devastating for the enemy!


Use it as often as possible to get rid of your enemy!

Versatile but fragile unit.


You have three, use them with strategy!

The most strategic unit of the game. Used to keep aircraft. Every time an aircraft is destroyed, it is replaced by one from the aircraft carrier until there is no more aircraft.


To protect at all costs!

Another versatile but fragile unit. A destroyed aircraft is replaced as long as the aircraft carrier is on the table and still contains aircraft.



Only unit with the ability to repair other units of its fleet, but can also attack the enemy.


Use it to repair your units as often as possible!

  • Players : 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 2
  • Handicap game mode
  • Players management and statistics
  • All game results accessible
  • Custom game configurations
  • Choice of teams avatars
  • Smart game assistant
  • Real time game score
  • Integrated game rules
  • Support videos easily accessible
  • And more!


(pdf - 512Ko)

User guides (soon)

(pdf - 515Ko)

Some screenshots of Naval Battle Billiard

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